Sesongstart i dag

What’s your expectations for today’s season opener?
– Well, our expectations for today’s game to be able to play a solid 60 minutes. We want to be able to come out and establish the tempo as well as flow of the game. Obviously we have the ultimate goal of winning, but that will handle itself if we play smart and hard.

What have been the main focus on training last two weeks?
– The focus of training is just trying to get our foundational play in place. We have only had 3 trainings in the 2 weeks since the closure of the ishall, so there’s not much time to work on specialty hockey.

Squad status?
– We have a full squad on the ice today, 20 outplayers and 2 goalies. The players that are out of the line up are: Sander Mjølnerød, Chris Paulse, Geir-Arne Karrestad, and Kimmy Christiansen. Our starting Goalie for the game today is Hampus!

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